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I rediscovered some tracks on one of my drives, so I've been reliving my The Swan Princess nostalgia.

Just rewatched the How To Offend Women In 5 Syllables Or Less scene on youtube. Haha, omg Derek is such an idiot I love it. 

I need to rewatch this film. Like, just glancing at the scene for This Is My Idea on youtube shows that a first meeting between Odette and Derek shows Odette raising her dukes at Derek when he mentally sings the line "I bet she doesn't wrestle, hunt, or box". 

Then a scene later you see Derek chasing after Odette down the stairs and she trips him and tackles him while he's down. GIT 'IM GUD GURL.

I actually liked this number because of the visual storytelling from kid > teen > adult. The body language and subtle transformation of their rivalry/relationship. Odette throttling Derek as a kid >>> Derek alienating Odette as a preteen >>> Odette showing Derek up as a full fledged teenager (THE TOMATO IN THE SLINGSHOT YO). 

What I've only just realized though is that this song is heavy on Derek's perspective where he basically is just ratting off a list of reasons as to why he doesn't like Odette throughout his life. The visuals gives you an understanding as to why Odette doesn't like him, but she doesn't get much in the way of narrative besides "He looks conceited" and "He's so immature" (at the beginning and end of the song, respectively). 

My guess is that this was to show the audience how foolish Derek is for being an asshat to Odette over petty shit in the wake of her becoming a Beautiful Swan (it's not lost on me that we're associating beauty with white/blond/blue eyed/purity here). But I also feel like this was subconcious move to lessen her voice because "Women talk too much".


I kinda want some fic of the in between years where Odette messes with Derek. And maybe some fic that makes sense of the final "Aha!" moment where they decide they love each other. Like, apparently they see each other every single summer, but somehow they decide that >this< year is the year they decide "I am Attracted to you." What was wrong with last year? 

Also I need some more elaboration on "What else is there?" because while there's some conflicted "I Fucked Up" feelings there, Odette isn't even moderately annoyed at Derek. 

Like, prior to this she actually thinks he's immature...and then he proves he's immature by saying he loves her because she's hot. But she's not as annoyed as she was when she thought he was immature. Like, she was actualfax pissed off like "HE'S SO IMMATURE FUCK THIS GUY". Then she turns around and suddenly all those feelings are gone just because he smiled at her???????????

Idk man, part of me wants to write it myself, but I've already got like 20 projects I've started and kinda abandoned because ADHD Hell. Like, I console myself with the knowledge that they're important to me and that if I really wanted to I could reactivate those hyperfixations with enough dicking around with my files, but in all likelihood I won't be touching them until I get my fucking meds (and even after that Who Knows). 

But man, for once, I'd like to look on or AO3 and actually find what I'm god damn looking for. 


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