Apr. 2nd, 2017

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 Honestly that scene where Belle is trying to talk to someone about something she likes is too real b/c whenever I'm trying to talk about my favorite ship the person is like "OH THAT'S NICE - MARIE, THE BAGUETTES, HURRY UP!"
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I think of fuckin Olaf from Frozen.

Fun fact about me: I hate Olaf from Frozen.

No I really, really, really hate Olaf because he seems like the byproduct of marketing research on steroids.

"I'm Olaf and I love hugs uwu."

"I want to prance around in the sun because I'm a cute naive little snowman who has Big Dreams I Can't Possibly Fulfill Without Dying :3c"

Fuck, someone burn it with fire.

I am so glad that whatever easter egg Josh Gad wanted in BATB relating to Olaf never made it into the film. No offense to Josh Gad himself. I'm actually sorry for not liking him because I like Josh Gad n think he's cute but I hate Olaf. Sorry, Josh, Olaf can suck it. If Olaf existed I'd punt him into the sun. I would set a fire under his little snowman ass. I hate Olaf i sware to gOD.
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*writes 1,300 words of detailed analysis in response to Gaston stanning*

What I Really Want To Say: Your opinion is wrong and the fact that you acknowledge in brief glances what a shitty person Gaston is makes me want to give you the middle finger into infinity for normalizing everything he says and does. Fuck you.


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