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I'd like to trade in my Johnny Depp shirt for a Luke Evans shirt, because there's a new fav in town, my dudes. 

No, but seriously, I just find this funny that Gaston, the epitome of Straightness and toxic masculinity, is played by a gay man who is so comfortable with himself that he's openly affectionate with his co-star Josh Gad. Perfect casting is perfect.

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Seeing this is what pulled me out of my funk and got me back to work. 

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"But why does Adam get a redemption arc and Gaston doesn't?"

Oh for the love of- it's called "Beauty and the Beast" not "Beauty and the Brainless Asshole" holy fuck
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*writes 1,300 words of detailed analysis in response to Gaston stanning*

What I Really Want To Say: Your opinion is wrong and the fact that you acknowledge in brief glances what a shitty person Gaston is makes me want to give you the middle finger into infinity for normalizing everything he says and does. Fuck you.
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I think of fuckin Olaf from Frozen.

Fun fact about me: I hate Olaf from Frozen.

No I really, really, really hate Olaf because he seems like the byproduct of marketing research on steroids.

"I'm Olaf and I love hugs uwu."

"I want to prance around in the sun because I'm a cute naive little snowman who has Big Dreams I Can't Possibly Fulfill Without Dying :3c"

Fuck, someone burn it with fire.

I am so glad that whatever easter egg Josh Gad wanted in BATB relating to Olaf never made it into the film. No offense to Josh Gad himself. I'm actually sorry for not liking him because I like Josh Gad n think he's cute but I hate Olaf. Sorry, Josh, Olaf can suck it. If Olaf existed I'd punt him into the sun. I would set a fire under his little snowman ass. I hate Olaf i sware to gOD.
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 Honestly that scene where Belle is trying to talk to someone about something she likes is too real b/c whenever I'm trying to talk about my favorite ship the person is like "OH THAT'S NICE - MARIE, THE BAGUETTES, HURRY UP!"
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Post on Beauty and the Beast 2017 is forthcoming. I'm just...

Luke Evans. Yo. Cheekbones for days, bruh.

And his singing voice..... *lies down*

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Me: why am i thinking about this shit?

Also me: idk but here we are

spoilers like heck )

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I ironed out this playlist sometime last year, but held off on posting it because I found I was lacking in songs from Solas' POV. Realized recently that this is likely because I've headcanoned the shit out of this ship to where Solas is no longer IC (Idk if it's apparent in my writing but I've upped the douchebag factor considerably). Which makes it difficult to find songs I can relate to him. 

Eufemia OTOH is instantly relateable on a number of levels (naive + insecure + unrequited love + Solas dickbaggery =  reclamation of self). Therefore I'll only label the songs that aren't related to her.

Alli Simpson - Notice Me 
Lady Gaga - Dancing In Circles
Avril Lavigne - Give You What You Like
Layla - Oh My Love
Kanye West ft. Sia, Vic Mensa - Wolves (Solas)
VersaEmerge - Stranger
Rachel Taylor - Porcelain
Maria Mena - Secrets
Phidel - The Wolf
Lady Gaga - Perfect Illusion
Snow Patrol - Lightning Strike (Solas)

Honestly could remove the 2 Solas songs as it's a pretty cohesive playlist with or without. But anyway, let me explain 2 u my passions.

Read more... )

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no but legit this is the best cover i've heard of this song

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Tight Curls for NPCs and Companions features Cullen w cherub ringlets in 3 diff colors. 

now if I only had the time and patience to mod my game that would be greAT.
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*talks shit about Love Never Dies*

*downloads the soundtrack*

 _(:'3 」∠)_ 
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i can't. i can't u guise.

it's almost certainly the ugliest thing ever

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and start writing angry letters to origin about how fucking shitty their engine is why the fuck is giving me a 9:0 error just fucking update yourself and stop fucking bothering me it's the same error as last time holy shit why haven't you fixed yourself yet fuck whoever made this fuck fuck fUCK 
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A few days ago I called to see if I was registered to vote. Assumed I was since I filled out a form to change my address (which was apart of the whole registering to vote form that was attached to the form to get my drivers permit - something I handed in back in August). Not sure if it was an error on their part or mine, but the guy on the other end told me that I wasn't in the database.

Basically the information they had was from 2011, after I moved to CA. Told me they deleted my info because I was no longer here, so this was done to avoid fraud and shit. 

But because I'm not in the database, he told me that I had to call the court in my county to speak with a judge in order Like, he straight up told me he didn't know what it entails, which was frustrating because on top of trying to press him for info, he doesn't know what the fuck I actually have to do.

This was sometime in the middle of the week last week. Since then I've been meaning to call the court (or someone) to clarify what the hell I actually have to do, but forgot the numbers at home (written on a sheet) and had difficulty finding them on my phone. Eventually when I called the court, none of the options available in the automated bullshit system matched what I was looking for. And today I tried calling the # for voter info, and it was the same god damn thing. Even when I pressed random buttons to get an actual representative I couldn't get through to anyone because the robot keeps telling me "I don't recognize that command :)".

I may try that method with the court again in a bit. But atm what I'm working with is emailing them and hoping they'll reply to me tomorrow morning.


Like, initially I thought I fucked up with the form, but I remember clearly the entire interaction at the DMV because this was before I came to the Ranch. Was with my aunt and uncle. Handed the form to a woman in front of the desk and it was like, yeah we're good you're registered to vote. So either she lost my slip or something else occurred that resulted me not getting into the freaking system.

And since the deadline to register was last month, I'm at a loss as to what the fuck I'm supposed to do to clarify what the fuck I'm supposed to do.

I'm gonna keep working on this on my end, but if anyone has any info or thoughts for me, I'd appreciate the assistance. Because as it stands, there's a possibility I may end up not voting. Which makes me feel uneasy in terms of the outcome of the election. 

In the end, I'm prepared to cut my losses and agonize over who won in the evening when I get home. But I'd rather avoid doing that if I can help it.
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part of me wants to mod DAI some more, but I know I'll only end up spending several hours looking at all the cool shit modders have made the past 2 months i've been without internet, only to completely abandon actually playing DAI because it's so tedious and long and sad and ARGH

Like i want to create edits and gifsets for Kianna and Eufemia and metaplay their games some more but it's so much god damn work. I've already invested like 500 hours into that game. Which is less than the hours I've put into Skyrim by half, yet somehow is more unsatisfying than playing Skyrim.


Tbh that's kinda unfair to Skyrim because you can kill almost anyone and punch a guy in the face for some cheese that game is awesome. 
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origin updated itself and now NOTHING IS RECOGNIZABLE


iphone update is less grating but still grating nontheless because its prompting me to learn what new crap they installed into my phone

meanwhile every steam update does...something but keeps all the familiar features

thank u steam for being consistent.
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i have to write the manual for work so that when Hal is out I don't need to ask him things

but all i wanna do is laze around and do nothing

like i'm so tired i can't even bring myself to procrastinate properly with gaming

which is wtf because i finally got past a point in Syberia where i can say wow i rly like this game it is cool beans everyone should play it wow

nah lets just endless scroll on tumblr until  9 o clock

. ___.

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When I first saw TTG I was happy Teen Titans was back, but was sad that they changed the entire tone and look of the show to something less serious and geared towards a more younger audience. Liked the first few episodes, but ended up tuning out because I figure if you're gonna bring back TT you might as well FINISH WHAT YOU FUCKING STARTED CARTOON NETWORK.

Liek??? So many plot points????? That were never wrapped up?????? For this shit???????????

Though thing that annoys me about CN is that they've cancelled a lot of shows under the guise of putting them on "hiatus". Like Batman Beyond is still technically on hiatus even though the last episode decade aired more than a decade ago. w h y.

Some episodes of TTG are alright. I like it when they get a bit absurd and Robin like, u wanna like, smack robin, for being himself. 

But then they get into episodes that border on the tone of Ren and Stimpy. 

Like today I saw an episode where Beast Boy and Cyborg's stomaches become sentient and go rogue, eating everything in sight.

Then this happened in another episode:

The last episode I saw started off with a "Don't watch too much TV kids!" and ended up turning into a subliminal (is it still subliminal if they're just saying it outright?) encouragement to watch more TV. At which point, I became all too aware of the giant one-eyed tit staring back at me and decided, lmao nevermind I'm gonna go out and do something with my life.

*gets on laptop instead*

my favoritest joke on TTG is everyone telling Robin he's short with him slamming them down like NO I'M THE AVERAGE HEIGHT FOR A YOUNG MAN MY AGE.

i like robin/starfire but i need robin paired up with someone who will make fun of him for that until the end of time.


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