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so my sweetest proposal has this love letters event going on. It's cute. U get stuff. It's nice. But todo's ending made me mad bc he tells u in the last letter that he loves u which he normally doesn't do bc he's a tsundere I think. But in the final installment MC brings it up and he clamps his hand over her mouth to keep her from saying it aloud like blush desu I don't remember that and if u keep talking I'm gonna keep my hand here 4evar.

So MC promises not to say anymore and I'm just gearing up for the release when she goes back on her promise like lmao jk *shouts into the streets whilst running away* todo masayA said he loves me In a love letter he sent me what a boob amirite?!

but she didn't so I'm left to ponder w h a t could have b e e n. 
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if that comparison between Cullen n zapp

n how there needs to be a mod that removes the pants on Cullen's halamshiral garb

i always imagined zapp would have glisteningly smooth legs.

My journal is nothing but shitposts at this point

i am content with this 
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 O my goD

i just realized Donald trump is the result of an experiment gone awry; transforming a muppet into a human. 

U think I'm joking but just look at him. The orange skin. The wacky yellow hair. Dumb/incorrect statements needing desperate correction by a second player such as Elmo or Kermit the frog

and the HANDS omg it's the defect Donald trump confirmed 4 muppet turned human

someone needs 2 tell Big Bird STAT
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 I'm still thinking about that buzzfeed article of top 25 disappointing male butts. 

Like most of them were flat skinny and muscley. Why do butt standards for men not include fat

what does fat = soft n feminine

is that what's happening here

more fat = girlish figure, less fat = rugged man type 

i disagree sir u r wrong I will never accept ur thin assed speciMENS

may God have mercy on ur soul
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I swaer sum1 in fandom must've shitposted abt Cullen as a cherub. 

Which 1 of u jerks was it

cherub!cullen needs art

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 Cullen would be the perfect player on a romcom.


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