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2017-09-22 08:03 pm

among my favorite things about the Hellblade Dev Diary

this wild. the woman who plays Senua wasn't a professional actor. She was a video editor for Ninja Theory. They kept asking her to do stuff for them like model face paints, and it eventually lead to them using her face and doing motion capture. like, she says in the video that she's not an actor and that she actually hated it prior to being asked. But when she got into it, she started practicing, and they got her a trainer so that she'd put on muscle. 

it's funny given the journey of how she went from modeling paint to doing a LIVE MOTION CAPTURE in front of a whole audience, but also incredibly inspiring. like, holy shit.
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2017-09-03 09:27 pm
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 i kind of want a shirt with an illuminati symbol with #FAKENEWS underneath it just cause
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2017-08-22 12:30 pm
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I hATe danse

i was literally not expecting a buzz lightyear cameo in fallout 4 who wrote this game 
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2017-08-22 12:29 pm
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(no subject)

 I literally just got an email from hot topic saying Halloween is here it's officIAL
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2017-06-28 08:26 pm
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I demand answers TOBY

Why isn't there a hat in the Undertale store that says "You are filled with determination" in the game font + pixel heart ??????????????????????

Sure I can find fuckloads of knockoff/unofficial shirts with the phrase, but god forbid you put it on a hat.

I actually need this for personal reasons. Reasons being I need to remind myself that I am FILLED WITH DETERMINATION holy fuck
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2017-06-25 05:13 pm
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 I sorta feel that xfiles fic must be loaded with weird kink and other shenanigans but I'm hesitant to browse for fear of crippling disappointment. 

Like im pretty sure Mulder made out with a furry in one episode. P sure that's canon. And Scully watched u guise Scully watched. 
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2017-06-24 10:22 pm
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Revisiting Labyrinth

It's nice rewatching old childhood favs with a media analysis lens, because it allows me to revisit a muse in ways that keep things fresh.

I mean, David Bowie is/was problematic for various reasons, but I still think he was a good casting choice on Henson's part. Like, just in general from acting to composing/singing, and the Goblin King acting as something of a Rock Idol/Icon just Works for some reason (they talked about this being a thing they wanted in behind the scenes interviews).

But I'm also like, laughing, because, what, is David Bowie the Coming Of Age Owl?

spoilers )
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2017-06-10 07:25 pm
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Agents of Mayhem: Preorder now and play as Johnny Gat

why u gotta play with my emotions like this

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2017-06-04 08:19 pm

okay i know i'm spamming BUT

I rediscovered some tracks on one of my drives, so I've been reliving my The Swan Princess nostalgia.

Just rewatched the How To Offend Women In 5 Syllables Or Less scene on youtube. Haha, omg Derek is such an idiot I love it. 

I need to rewatch this film. Like, just glancing at the scene for This Is My Idea on youtube shows that a first meeting between Odette and Derek shows Odette raising her dukes at Derek when he mentally sings the line "I bet she doesn't wrestle, hunt, or box". 

Then a scene later you see Derek chasing after Odette down the stairs and she trips him and tackles him while he's down. GIT 'IM GUD GURL.

I actually liked this number because of the visual storytelling from kid > teen > adult. The body language and subtle transformation of their rivalry/relationship. Odette throttling Derek as a kid >>> Derek alienating Odette as a preteen >>> Odette showing Derek up as a full fledged teenager (THE TOMATO IN THE SLINGSHOT YO). 

What I've only just realized though is that this song is heavy on Derek's perspective where he basically is just ratting off a list of reasons as to why he doesn't like Odette throughout his life. The visuals gives you an understanding as to why Odette doesn't like him, but she doesn't get much in the way of narrative besides "He looks conceited" and "He's so immature" (at the beginning and end of the song, respectively). 

My guess is that this was to show the audience how foolish Derek is for being an asshat to Odette over petty shit in the wake of her becoming a Beautiful Swan (it's not lost on me that we're associating beauty with white/blond/blue eyed/purity here). But I also feel like this was subconcious move to lessen her voice because "Women talk too much".


I kinda want some fic of the in between years where Odette messes with Derek. And maybe some fic that makes sense of the final "Aha!" moment where they decide they love each other. Like, apparently they see each other every single summer, but somehow they decide that >this< year is the year they decide "I am Attracted to you." What was wrong with last year? 

Also I need some more elaboration on "What else is there?" because while there's some conflicted "I Fucked Up" feelings there, Odette isn't even moderately annoyed at Derek. 

Like, prior to this she actually thinks he's immature...and then he proves he's immature by saying he loves her because she's hot. But she's not as annoyed as she was when she thought he was immature. Like, she was actualfax pissed off like "HE'S SO IMMATURE FUCK THIS GUY". Then she turns around and suddenly all those feelings are gone just because he smiled at her???????????

Idk man, part of me wants to write it myself, but I've already got like 20 projects I've started and kinda abandoned because ADHD Hell. Like, I console myself with the knowledge that they're important to me and that if I really wanted to I could reactivate those hyperfixations with enough dicking around with my files, but in all likelihood I won't be touching them until I get my fucking meds (and even after that Who Knows). 

But man, for once, I'd like to look on or AO3 and actually find what I'm god damn looking for. 

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2017-06-04 05:35 pm
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I almost certainly would've loved DAI had it featured a pool orgy at some point. 
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2017-05-29 07:42 am
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this is canon

Gaston fiddling with his knife while talking to lefou about how upset he is that belle turned him down ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

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2017-05-28 10:36 pm
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Men in rompers

the folks around me r acting weird about men wearing rompers meanwhile I'm over here thinking about how nice Luke Evans would look in a romper 

or dwayne the rock Johnson 

Or mike colter

thinking about my fictional favs wearing rompers. And not the manly man kind. I'm talking about the ones with the long sleeves with sheer fabric that r flouncy and have tassels and have floral patterns on them (do I even need to say who lmao byeeeee).

but seriously people r so fucking boring with this shit. "Ew men wearing rompers is wronG".  Ur face is wrong n u have no fashion sense billy get the fuck outta here. 
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2017-05-26 09:50 pm

Today was a shitty day but

Kiki jumped on a table on the patio at the back of the house. So I took a stick and gently nudged her off the table. I turn around, and there's my boss's wife in the window with Miley at the door watching.

I'm not sure if she was smiling at Miley or the fact that I pushed my cat off a table with a stick. But I prefer the latter because it was funny the way Kiki fell off the table lol. 
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2017-05-21 02:13 pm

(no subject)

Rowen + Alvin = Jade

Except Jade is like, 10x more sassier and glib. 

Deadpan snarker through and through.

Actually, what's weird is that Alvin reminds me of Irvine from FFVIII, except I don't recall Irvine being as annoying. Or rude. 
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2017-05-19 10:43 am

(no subject)

 I've decided that I need a modern AU for dragon age where there's a modern equivalent of a ouija board and it turns out to be some kind of weird dalish bathmat with scrying stones and the urban legend is that if u use it the dread wolf will come hack your dick off and folks r so serious about this shit that they have to bring up specific instances where someone lost their dick while using this thing. 

And like at least one person has to ask how that works if all the folks using it have vaginas
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2017-05-18 04:40 pm

(no subject)

Yesterday when I saw my boss at lunch I greeted him. But instead of saying "hey" i said "yo" like I normally do with my friends.

And like, I'm standing there thinking about it, and turn back to the sandwich I was making like, did I just say "yo" to my boss? But also wanting to laugh because he didn't respond and it's my boss being himself so it's funny for some reason.

So I look up and Paloma's looking at me making this realization and we try to stifle ourselves until he leaves to laugh about it. Which we laugh about twice more during the day because it's just so funny.

And let me tell u, it's not the first time I've said "yo" to him, it's just the second time it's stunk in a bit more.

Also I was in a chipper mood when I came up for dinner one time, and I greeted Ann Marie with "Good evening," a la this vine.

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2017-04-26 05:22 pm

this is me every single day

Me: Okay gotta get work done need to focus.

~2 minutes later~

ADHD Brain: Why does the traditional image of a ghost lack a nose? What, you're dead, so no point in smelling things anymore? Not even smelly spirit things? Or maybe ghosts are the rejects of heaven and hell who wanted to leave their noses behind, or left them somewhere, and that was the thing you needed to get in. They just turn folks away due to a lack of a nose and they're like, "WHO CARES ANYWAY I'M GONNA GO HAUNT SOME STUFF." 

~Later That Day~

Me: Holy fuck if I just focus I'll be done early today.

~2 minutes later~

ADHD Brain: Okay, I'm not saying goats will eat human flesh - you know that from that google search that they're herbivores (don't lie it wasn't me that googled this). All I want to know is if they would sample some during an apocalypse or something. You know, when all the plants and veggies die out and all that's left is carrion, would a goat actually eat a person? And would it get to that point where they started attacking people? 
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2017-04-22 10:42 pm
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idk why i keep thinking of this

When the first pokemon movie came out there was this song at the end i really liked called Don't Say You Love Me.

Like....i think of it every now and then wondering why that song was included because it straight up doesn't match the theme of the movie.

No seriously. When my mom bought the movie (VHS tape) it came with a cassette of the soundtrack and that song was on one side of it. 

And now that I'm looking at the music video again I'm still ????