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 You know as much as I appreciate Anita sarkeesian for critiquing the game industry in how they represent women in their games, I'm a bit miffed about her positive female characters series not featuring Alice from Alice: Madness Returns. 

Could simply be ignorance on her part as others have mentioned she is an outsider when it comes to gaming (or simply hasn't picked up the title. But I'm also wondering if it's possible that Alice doesn't make the cut bc game is gloomy, issues w representation of mental illness, and the fact that there's prostitutes in the game. The latter of which falls under her women as decoration video. 

or perhaps Alice doesn't make the cut bc she's not a >positive< example of a female character w agency. After all, she's a victim in her own story. 

Yet i also think that her story is incredibly cohesive at illustrating how disenfranchised Alice is BECAUSE she's a woman (which also reflects on her mental health re: women and asylums). 

tho now that I think of it, maybe the title gets overlooked specifically for that reason. Positive female characters focus on women who are not put into scary positions bc they are women; never mind what Alice for thru at the end of the game. 

I think thats a shame tho bc, to me, that's what makes it such a powerful story. The deck is stacked against Alice, yet she overcomes by the end of the game.  


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