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and start writing angry letters to origin about how fucking shitty their engine is why the fuck is giving me a 9:0 error just fucking update yourself and stop fucking bothering me it's the same error as last time holy shit why haven't you fixed yourself yet fuck whoever made this fuck fuck fUCK 
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Sorry for the disappearance. I've been using local wifi for my internet needs, and recently it's been going in and out for unknown reasons. Usually it works fine enough for me to do regular business like checking email, and purchasing things (like vitamins and sht). But recently it's been dropping out for long periods of time (I can't even load google when it's like this).
So I've been doing other things in the meantime, setting aside some time to write and read each day, even if it's just to write down some ideas or read an entire chapter of fic. Also been replaying DAO and DA2 since DAI repels me. Read more... )
I'm probably going to be out most of this week due to internet blackout, so if I don't reply immediately, it's because of that.
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I wrote something good yesterday but fucked up the save process. So I lost all that work. Fck, this never happened when I used notebooks. I swear....

I can't say it's a huge loss since it was a first draft and all my first drafts are crap. But I would've liked to have kept it around since it was a semi successful attempt at smut. "Semi" because it was intentionally awkward and slightly depressing at the end. And the ending! It was actually good! Aughhhhh. 

I started a rewrite but it's not doing the things it did the first time. Not sure if I should let this one develop as it wants to or try to reclaim what it did the first time. The only thing I am certain of is that I should write something. Like drabbles, since I've finally gotten around to looking at how other people have done it on here. They're cute, like little windows into a larger story. Definitely something I can manage. Ideas are bubbling.....


Been attempting to make a habit out of doing my artwork with great success. I've rarely gone a day without doing something. This is good because stuff is coming more easily to me now. I've also noticed I feel more inspired to draw. Which reminds me of something Anne Lamot said in Bird by Bird. She said something like how developing a habit with your writing triggers your creative juices at certain times during the day. I think this is also true for art.

I bought Bird by Bird for a class 2-3 years ago and have been meaning to read it fully since (I was only required to read 2-3 chapters). But what I like about the book so far is how it gives you permission to write terrible first drafts. The stuff regarding perfectionism also rings true for me (and is something I also need to deal with in both my writing and art). 

I'm also rereading the Elements of Style, which is something I actually read back in high school, and attempted to reread in college (but was too swamped with work and procrastination to bother). It's been really useful so far. Still feel I could cut down my sentences further but for what it's done there's been a significant improvement. So, yay!

Currently working on a portrait of Josephine for Josephine appreciation month. I think once that's done I'm going to attempt to block out a schedule each day to make most of the time I have during the day. Specifically I want to block out time for reading, writing, and lots of stuff with my artwork (like tutorials, anatomy studies, speedpaints, etc). I've never worked with a schedule before, so it'll be interesting to see how that goes. 

I read some meta about Cole that made his characterization really *click* for me. Mainly stuff regarding how his spirit and human sides work (both independently and together). I'd like to talk about it at some point but I need to collect my thoughts first, and visit youtube for relevant scenes/dialogue. 


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