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Okay, so as I've been tweaking with the CC for over an hour or two now using one of my Wardens as a reference (for science) so I'm gonna jot down some observations here and there. May be useful for people who are trying to get their Hawke's to look like their DA2 appearance.
- Seems like I can get the Dalish tattoos to disappear by selecting the lightest option and then selecting a white color option. I haven't tested this extensively, just on the skintone I was using which is a white/pink tone. But I've seen it in-game and it's most definitely gone. May upload screencaps later.
- I realized that I can zoom in/out using the scroll on my mouse and hovering over the character. This doesn't work for all options. Like, you can't zoom in on the face if you're editing the ears, but you can zoom out a bit more to get a better view. I was able to zoom in on the eyes to tweak eyecolor, so that was useful.
- Something I realized you can't do is move the cheekbones up and down. You can make them more/less prominent but that isn't quite the same thing. Noticed this both with my Warden and my Hawke.
- I think the biggest thing I had difficulty matching up was eyes, nose, and lips. I've gotten close enough to where I'm pretty satisfied with what I've got. What I suggest is to do a lot of experimenting with the eye types and mess around with the sizing options. 
- Certain hair options will take up a bit more forehead space. So if you have a Hawke who has a large forhead (like mine) you're going to have to do a combination of things. The first one being, pick a hair option that doesn't take up as much forehead space. The next being pulling the jaw and chin down as far as you can and tweak the positions of the rest of the features as need be. The idea is to move the facial features down so that it creates more space on the forehead. (The principle is the same if you're trying to get specific dimensions between to features, like space between the eyes and nose or the nose and mouth, etc.)

Overall, I think it just requires a lot of patience and room for experimentation. I've taken screencaps of the specs I used so if I want to retry I don't have to start from scratch again. So that may be something ppl may be interested in trying.


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