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Sorry for the disappearance. I've been using local wifi for my internet needs, and recently it's been going in and out for unknown reasons. Usually it works fine enough for me to do regular business like checking email, and purchasing things (like vitamins and sht). But recently it's been dropping out for long periods of time (I can't even load google when it's like this).
So I've been doing other things in the meantime, setting aside some time to write and read each day, even if it's just to write down some ideas or read an entire chapter of fic. Also been replaying DAO and DA2 since DAI repels me. Read more... )
I'm probably going to be out most of this week due to internet blackout, so if I don't reply immediately, it's because of that.
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 Just recently caught up on DW after being AWOL due to my period + other things that were sidetracking me. Mainly my writing and thoughts I've been having about certain shows I've been watching. Things that I used to like no longer appeal to me, or the level of appeal has significantly decreased due to realizations. Good example: I figured out why I really, really, really don't like Buffy, Angel, or Firefly. Which is something that's been bothering me for about two weeks now since my father decided to skip between all three shows.

The thing that keeps me from watching these shows is the bland use of tropes and the unrealistic dialogue. I've noticed that when tropes are used well, they blend into the story. But in shows like Buffy, Angel, and Firefly, they draw attention to themselves because they're not properly woven into the story. They're just used as is without embellishment or nuance.

The dialogue rubs me the wrong way because of all the unrealistic snark. There's this constant sarcasm, glibness, and repartee between characters like Xander and Willow. I don't know how else to describe it except that it's unnatural and...not real. Like, some of the lines Cordelia has on both Buffy and Angel make me cringe superhard because they're just so bad. Maybe part of that has to do with some of the actors over-acting, but I think the problem mainly lies in how their lines were written.

I think this was useful to realize this because it made me start looking at situations and portrayals in terms of realism and authenticity. (And made me realize why I find some scenes and lines so jarring).

Like with Dragon Age. For all of DA2's flaws, the plot was believable to me. Kirkwall was a problem waiting to happen. The Circle was full of corrupt templars and mages willing to do anything to escape. Meredith and Orsino were both trying to do the best they can to protect people. Elthina was someone who could've prevented the endgame events from happening, but she didn't. Anders is living in this environment, trying to go about helping mages through peaceful means. But no one will listen, and as he watches his friends fall one by one, the only likely option that will result in change now is to force it himself.

That's believable to me. But a portion of DAI's main plot isn't for reasons listed under the cut.

Spoilers regarding the main plot and the antagonists. )
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Idk why my brain just started arguing this just as I was waking up this morning. But I recall there were some people on tumblr that were arguing that they should've replaced Cullen with Aveline or Samson. Because that would've been more interesting.


Read more... )

Side note on Cullen and Samson:

What's interesting about Cullen and Samson is that they're both victims. Cullen was tortured by blood mages in Kinloch Hold. And Samson was booted out of the templars for passing notes between two enamored mages. The two of them are just trying to survive, though Cullen's survival is more mental than physical (in DA2).

Samson's cynical about the templars and thinks they're chained, but he's still chained too even though he's no longer a templar. He's addicted to lyrium, and in order to satisfy that addiction he's out begging on the streets. He smuggles mages out of Kirkwall, just trying to survive.

Cullen still believes in the order, whereas Samson despises it. Even in DAI where Cullen believes he has no place in the order, he still believes that the templars are necessary. Samson, on the other hand, just continues down his path believing that the templars have fallen.

I'm gonna have to think about this a bit more, but I find it interesting how much these two have in common, yet are completely different people.

Also, I think I really like Samson. 



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 Anyone remember this?

Either I've missed the awkwardly sexy dialogue or it never made it into the final cut. 


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Decided to make another several attempts at duplicating one of my Wardens. For reference, this is what she looks like in DAO:

Read more... )

In any case, I feel I'm getting closer to what I have in mind though a lot of experimenting/learning about how other options affect other features. 

Also, the reason she doesn't have a scar the last two images is because I updated to the latest patch which apparently removes the scars, and in some cases ages up the character. The latter of which I think has to do with certain complexions as I noticed there were about 3 that were like, woah, extreme. There's also the issue of really shiny hair, which I think is most noticeable on black hair (god it's awful). 

There's a fix for this through the command line here:

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I think I'm gonna give it one more month until I stop putting a cut before any spoilers I share. Not sure, might depend on how many people finish the game before then. 

In any case, I wanted to bring this bit of dialogue between Varric and Blackwall up as it pertains to something that was debated in the fandom for a while. So there will be spoilers regarding this matter.

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Okay, so as I've been tweaking with the CC for over an hour or two now using one of my Wardens as a reference (for science) so I'm gonna jot down some observations here and there. May be useful for people who are trying to get their Hawke's to look like their DA2 appearance.
- Seems like I can get the Dalish tattoos to disappear by selecting the lightest option and then selecting a white color option. I haven't tested this extensively, just on the skintone I was using which is a white/pink tone. But I've seen it in-game and it's most definitely gone. May upload screencaps later.
- I realized that I can zoom in/out using the scroll on my mouse and hovering over the character. This doesn't work for all options. Like, you can't zoom in on the face if you're editing the ears, but you can zoom out a bit more to get a better view. I was able to zoom in on the eyes to tweak eyecolor, so that was useful.
- Something I realized you can't do is move the cheekbones up and down. You can make them more/less prominent but that isn't quite the same thing. Noticed this both with my Warden and my Hawke.
- I think the biggest thing I had difficulty matching up was eyes, nose, and lips. I've gotten close enough to where I'm pretty satisfied with what I've got. What I suggest is to do a lot of experimenting with the eye types and mess around with the sizing options. 
- Certain hair options will take up a bit more forehead space. So if you have a Hawke who has a large forhead (like mine) you're going to have to do a combination of things. The first one being, pick a hair option that doesn't take up as much forehead space. The next being pulling the jaw and chin down as far as you can and tweak the positions of the rest of the features as need be. The idea is to move the facial features down so that it creates more space on the forehead. (The principle is the same if you're trying to get specific dimensions between to features, like space between the eyes and nose or the nose and mouth, etc.)

Overall, I think it just requires a lot of patience and room for experimentation. I've taken screencaps of the specs I used so if I want to retry I don't have to start from scratch again. So that may be something ppl may be interested in trying.
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Been thinking about my first interactions with Solas and thought I would jot them down. A bit spoilerish if you haven't spoken to him in Haven.

I broke up the spoilers with spaces. The breakups go Haven>After Haven>Specific Quest. You'll know the breaks when you see them. )


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