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 laughing bc I'm actually thinking about zapp n Cullen interacting where Cullen replaces kif as Zapps towel boy 

like Cullen thought Meredith was bad with the red lyrium but now he's being forced to wear thisvridiculous uniform that offers no protections n is so short (breezes r now his own worst enemy ;)). But he also can't argue how comfortable it is and zapp was right getting a full body wax does make the skin more sensitive to touch. 

Zapp casually complimenting Cullen's legs "nice gams, cadet," n asking him what kind of products he uses for his hair n skin. (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

Zapp casually patting cullen on the ass when he's done something he appreciate, which is often. (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

actually im fairly certain there would b zero difference between kif and Cullen's response to zapp doing/saying something incredibly stupid with perhaps exception to Cullen being more angry at zapp for doing stupid things n not listening to him 

just plz imagine 4 a moment during ur day Cullen's frustration @ having to deal with zapp for a full hour. 

Cullen being disgusted with Zapps womanizing tendencies 

cullen rolling his eyes at Zapps self aggrandizement. 

cullen wondering how someone so incompetent landed such an important position

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I swaer sum1 in fandom must've shitposted abt Cullen as a cherub. 

Which 1 of u jerks was it

cherub!cullen needs art

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After I got back from the laundromat yesterday I decided to have a day to myself where I basically just sit around and do fuck all. Decided to boot up Inquisition so at the very least I could tweak Kianna's design like I said I would.

In the middle of wandering around at Skyhold I walked in on Cullen and Commander Helaine having a conversation. Went something like this:

Cullen: So you were with...?
Helaine: Yes.
Cullen: Of course.

Conversation was too brief for me to record in time, but it sounded as though Cullen was getting confirmation for something he already inclined to believe.

I'm wondering if this conversation occurs outside of learning the mage specialization, or because of it, because this is the first time I've encountered it, and Kianna has already learned the Knight Enchanter specialization. So the conversation may be the result of that, and the person Cullen vaguely mentions in the conversation could be the Inquisitor (which I'm down for because of the way he says "of course" ohohohoho).

But if not, then who the hell is he talking about? Meredith? Vivienne? Someone else?
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I was thinking about Surana working with Cullen as head of the inquisition in ways that annoyed Cullen. Which I think is so far outside what my intentions are with this ship, but who am I to stop myself from amusing myself thinking about these things.

Started off by thinking of Cullen making a request which she denies with a flourish. Instead of just telling the messenger to tell him "no" she tells him via an official letter like:

Ser Cullen Rutherford of Honneleath, Commander of the Inquisition's forces,



Inquisitor Surana

Cullen would be baffled by being offered the letter, but become vexed after reading it.

But then I realized this was something Hawke would be more inclined to do. Which I think works nicely for a mage!Hawke as Cullen is somewhat understanding of the response because Hawke now gets to boss around the former templar.

But I was also thinking of having him receive official letters in the middle of meetings with his troops. Cullen's like "Can't it wait?" and the messenger's like "No she said it's urgent." Cullen sighs, breaks the seal on the letter, reads it.

Ser Cullen Rutherford of Honneleath, Commander of the Inquisition's forces,

You have a cute butt.


Inquisitor Hawke.

I was also thinking about that conversation I had with [personal profile] renegadefolkhero about Cullen getting back at Sera by employing Hawke's services. Specifically that Cullen decides to approach Hawke about it while they're both shitfaced, so it goes horribly wrong, or is just really transparent. Sera can't even be mad about it because they're both so terrible at pranking that it's not worth the trouble.

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I think the reason why there's so much quibbling over information RE: Dragon Age is that a lot of shit needs to be strung together in order to make sense of any of it. If you're not invested in the series, or are just plain ignorant to certain aspects of canon or characterization, you're understanding of the work is limited. Or something. Idk. I keep coming across people trying to argue that Commander Cullen doesn't make sense and that Cassandra only chose him because he's Andrastian, which doesn't match my understanding of him at all, or why Cassandra chose him in the first place.

And it kind of annoys me that this argument is repeated because they often gloss over the most straightforward information. Like, if you need a basic run-down as to why Cassandra chose Cullen, just examine her reasons for wanting to find Hawke. She needed Hawke because they were familiar with the mage/templar issue in Kirkwall, and was among the people trying to keep order in the City. They were basically the neutral party mediating arguments between Meredith and Orsino (not to mention the Qunari and the Viscount). 

It makes sense that she would pick Cullen for a similar reason: he had experience in Kirkwall dealing with the mages and templars. 

But even I can see that explanation rly isn't satisfactory to someone who hasn't dug into Cullen's backstory. Cullen comes from DAO traumatized by people he initially sympathized with. He's a sleep deprived, borderline zealot who rises to the rank of Knight Captain within a year of arriving in Kirkwall. Sure, Meredith chose him in part because he has experience with blood mages first hand (so he knows how badly things can get fucked up). But Cullen isn't a native of Kirkwall. If she just wanted another yes-man, she could've hired in house. But she didn't because Cullen's got the goods to keep everyone in check. 

I mean, Meredith even goes out of her way to not only quash the rumors about Cullen's infatuation with the mage PC in DAO, but also punish anyone repeating the rumor. Yet she expels Samson for passing letters between two mages.Yeah she might think that that side of him is gone due to his experience in Kinloch Hold, but to me, it seems like she not only trusts him but also thinks he's valuable to keep around, thinks he's someone worth protecting. 

But AFAK this is information you have to pay attention to to pick up, or otherwise have to piece together through conjecture.

Like, some ppl still worry that Cullen isn't mentally stable to be around mages even though DA2 is a story told over 9-11 years. That's roughly a decade. Why are people concerned that he still has PTSD even though the timeline suggests that he may have reached some semblance of recovery? No, scratch that - why do people think DAI Cullen is a threat to other mages? Like, are we even playing the same games anymore? There's literally nothing to back up this concern in any part of DAI, at least when you bother to examine his characterization in comparison to DA2 Cullen, you know, the borderline zealot who thinks mages cannot be treated like people.

And as to Cullen being qualified for the role: he was Knight Captain of Kirkwall for 9-11 years. He was essentially second-in-command to Meredith, who was arguably the person trying to keep shit running smoothly in Kirkwall. Second-in-command. To the person running the show.

But as I said before, if you're not paying attention or stringing info together, Cullen's gonna come across as the pretty boy they shoehorned into the story for the fangirls (i.e. pandering). 

Edit: I meant to add that while this is something I sorta acknowledge, idk if there's really a writerly solution to this due to the size of the story and world. 

On a different note, I'm becoming more and more tempted to ask for these mods of Cullen:

And maybe this mod:

Tho preferably I desire the pornstache. Like, the pornstache + the first two mods is the perfect ensemble imo. 
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Recently I've started thinking about how Robert McKee defines well-written characters (from his book "Story") and thought I would share the small section on it from his book:

"A favorite academic tenet argues that, instead, fine characters are marked by one dominant trait. Macbeth's ambition is frequently cited. Overweening ambition, it's claimed, makes macbeth great. This theory is dead wrong. If Macbeth were merely ambitious, there'd be no play. He'd simply defeat the English and rule Scotland. Macbeth is a brilliantly realized character because of the contradiction between his ambition on one hand and his guilt on the other. From this profound inner contradiction springs his passion, his complexity, his poetry.

 Dimension means contradiction: either within deep character (guilt-ridden ambition) or between characterization and deep character (a charming thief). These contradictions must be consistent. It doesn't add dimension to portray a guy as nice throughout a film, then in one scene have him kick a cat.

 Consider Hamlet, the most complex character ever written. Hamlet isn't three-dimensional, but ten, twelve, virtually uncountably dimensional. He seems spiritual until he's blasphemous. To Ophelia he's first loving and tender, then callous, even sadistic. He's courageous, then cowardly. At times he's cool and cautious, then impulsive and rash, as he stabs someone hiding behind a curtain without knowing who's there. Hamlet is ruthless and compassionate, proud and self pitying, witty and sad, weary and dynamic, lucid and confused, sane and mad. His is an innocent worldliness, a worldly innocence, a living contradiction of almost any human we could imagine."

 I've been wanting to write up some meta on how this applies to the characters of Dragon Age to get a better understanding of how this works for my own writing purposes. So here's what I've been able to figure out so far with Cullen and Leliana:


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Idk why my brain just started arguing this just as I was waking up this morning. But I recall there were some people on tumblr that were arguing that they should've replaced Cullen with Aveline or Samson. Because that would've been more interesting.


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Side note on Cullen and Samson:

What's interesting about Cullen and Samson is that they're both victims. Cullen was tortured by blood mages in Kinloch Hold. And Samson was booted out of the templars for passing notes between two enamored mages. The two of them are just trying to survive, though Cullen's survival is more mental than physical (in DA2).

Samson's cynical about the templars and thinks they're chained, but he's still chained too even though he's no longer a templar. He's addicted to lyrium, and in order to satisfy that addiction he's out begging on the streets. He smuggles mages out of Kirkwall, just trying to survive.

Cullen still believes in the order, whereas Samson despises it. Even in DAI where Cullen believes he has no place in the order, he still believes that the templars are necessary. Samson, on the other hand, just continues down his path believing that the templars have fallen.

I'm gonna have to think about this a bit more, but I find it interesting how much these two have in common, yet are completely different people.

Also, I think I really like Samson. 



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 Anyone remember this?

Either I've missed the awkwardly sexy dialogue or it never made it into the final cut. 



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