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I ironed out this playlist sometime last year, but held off on posting it because I found I was lacking in songs from Solas' POV. Realized recently that this is likely because I've headcanoned the shit out of this ship to where Solas is no longer IC (Idk if it's apparent in my writing but I've upped the douchebag factor considerably). Which makes it difficult to find songs I can relate to him. 

Eufemia OTOH is instantly relateable on a number of levels (naive + insecure + unrequited love + Solas dickbaggery =  reclamation of self). Therefore I'll only label the songs that aren't related to her.

Alli Simpson - Notice Me 
Lady Gaga - Dancing In Circles
Avril Lavigne - Give You What You Like
Layla - Oh My Love
Kanye West ft. Sia, Vic Mensa - Wolves (Solas)
VersaEmerge - Stranger
Rachel Taylor - Porcelain
Maria Mena - Secrets
Phidel - The Wolf
Lady Gaga - Perfect Illusion
Snow Patrol - Lightning Strike (Solas)

Honestly could remove the 2 Solas songs as it's a pretty cohesive playlist with or without. But anyway, let me explain 2 u my passions.

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I think I noted a month or two back that some of the dialogue for Solas varies if he doesn't like the Inquisitor. Like his response to a Dalish Inquis regarding his opinions on elven culture is "Perhaps you should ask Sera. She has...opinions," instead of "I thought you'd be interested in sharing YOUR opinions on elven culture. You are Dalish, are you not?"

Well as I just finished Halamshiral with meta!Surana (who doesn't get along with Solas) I thought I'd share this one line that differs.

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I've come across different conversations on his disapproval path and thought I'd make a flowchart for them (initially I thought of making a video but that would require learning how to put scenes together). After a certain amount of disapproval you get this option called "You're addicted to the Fade." I went ahead and made that one up since it's short and I'm still figuring out how to approach making these. I used the flowchart VL made for Cullen for reference.

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Does this work okay? Anything I should correct layout-wise? Any advice on how to approach this in general?

The other two conversations I have are available on the Approval path, yet the difference lies in what he says in response to them. Like when you ask him about elven culture he says:

"Perhaps you could ask Sera. She has… opinions."

It's been a hoot pushing his buttons, let me tell you. 


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Been thinking about my first interactions with Solas and thought I would jot them down. A bit spoilerish if you haven't spoken to him in Haven.

I broke up the spoilers with spaces. The breakups go Haven>After Haven>Specific Quest. You'll know the breaks when you see them. )


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