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I wrote something good yesterday but fucked up the save process. So I lost all that work. Fck, this never happened when I used notebooks. I swear....

I can't say it's a huge loss since it was a first draft and all my first drafts are crap. But I would've liked to have kept it around since it was a semi successful attempt at smut. "Semi" because it was intentionally awkward and slightly depressing at the end. And the ending! It was actually good! Aughhhhh. 

I started a rewrite but it's not doing the things it did the first time. Not sure if I should let this one develop as it wants to or try to reclaim what it did the first time. The only thing I am certain of is that I should write something. Like drabbles, since I've finally gotten around to looking at how other people have done it on here. They're cute, like little windows into a larger story. Definitely something I can manage. Ideas are bubbling.....


Been attempting to make a habit out of doing my artwork with great success. I've rarely gone a day without doing something. This is good because stuff is coming more easily to me now. I've also noticed I feel more inspired to draw. Which reminds me of something Anne Lamot said in Bird by Bird. She said something like how developing a habit with your writing triggers your creative juices at certain times during the day. I think this is also true for art.

I bought Bird by Bird for a class 2-3 years ago and have been meaning to read it fully since (I was only required to read 2-3 chapters). But what I like about the book so far is how it gives you permission to write terrible first drafts. The stuff regarding perfectionism also rings true for me (and is something I also need to deal with in both my writing and art). 

I'm also rereading the Elements of Style, which is something I actually read back in high school, and attempted to reread in college (but was too swamped with work and procrastination to bother). It's been really useful so far. Still feel I could cut down my sentences further but for what it's done there's been a significant improvement. So, yay!

Currently working on a portrait of Josephine for Josephine appreciation month. I think once that's done I'm going to attempt to block out a schedule each day to make most of the time I have during the day. Specifically I want to block out time for reading, writing, and lots of stuff with my artwork (like tutorials, anatomy studies, speedpaints, etc). I've never worked with a schedule before, so it'll be interesting to see how that goes. 

I read some meta about Cole that made his characterization really *click* for me. Mainly stuff regarding how his spirit and human sides work (both independently and together). I'd like to talk about it at some point but I need to collect my thoughts first, and visit youtube for relevant scenes/dialogue. 


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