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I was thinking about Surana working with Cullen as head of the inquisition in ways that annoyed Cullen. Which I think is so far outside what my intentions are with this ship, but who am I to stop myself from amusing myself thinking about these things.

Started off by thinking of Cullen making a request which she denies with a flourish. Instead of just telling the messenger to tell him "no" she tells him via an official letter like:

Ser Cullen Rutherford of Honneleath, Commander of the Inquisition's forces,



Inquisitor Surana

Cullen would be baffled by being offered the letter, but become vexed after reading it.

But then I realized this was something Hawke would be more inclined to do. Which I think works nicely for a mage!Hawke as Cullen is somewhat understanding of the response because Hawke now gets to boss around the former templar.

But I was also thinking of having him receive official letters in the middle of meetings with his troops. Cullen's like "Can't it wait?" and the messenger's like "No she said it's urgent." Cullen sighs, breaks the seal on the letter, reads it.

Ser Cullen Rutherford of Honneleath, Commander of the Inquisition's forces,

You have a cute butt.


Inquisitor Hawke.

I was also thinking about that conversation I had with [personal profile] renegadefolkhero about Cullen getting back at Sera by employing Hawke's services. Specifically that Cullen decides to approach Hawke about it while they're both shitfaced, so it goes horribly wrong, or is just really transparent. Sera can't even be mad about it because they're both so terrible at pranking that it's not worth the trouble.

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I was finally able to fix my computer, and while in the process of organizing/backing up my files, I had this thought about switching the smut folder with the Paula Deen folder, for like, that one person who goes rifling through my files. Just cause there's nothing more hawt than looking at Paula Deen.

I then had the thought that the Boss would probably do something similar to Johnny in SR1. Only instead of switching the folders, she moves the porn over to a flash drive and leaves an image of paula in the folder along with a message (Riddler style) that starts the hunt for Johnny's missing porn.


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