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i will set cullen 3.0 fandom on fire if they shit on this mod

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Trying to catch up on mod releases. Noticed that Berelinde has since updated their Seasonal Palettes mod. I like their cloth mods the most, as I just...suck so bad at picking out leathers.

Like I spent several hours trying to come up with a balanced pallet for both cloths and leathers. Generally focussed on a balance of the rainbow with some browns, whites, blacks, grays, etc. I came up with a nice cloths pallet. But I'm just straight up baffled how to use leathers.

'Course, that was before they made the Dark Autumn and Valentine configurable pallets (not to mention the updates to the other pallets).


I really, really, really need to fix my game. The gold Kingswillow Weave cloth looks so awesome. Need.

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 Among other things.

I'm mostly enamored of the hair and outfit retext, but I'm gonna try out the facetext at least once to see how it looks in-game.

There's another Josie mod I found a while back that edited her face texture. This one. It kind of ages her up and removes the shine from her lips. I ended up uninstalling it, but I'm thinking of revisiting it because I didn't use it for that long, which makes me think my choice in removing it was rather rash.

On a side note, I've taken to reorganizing my mods this past month due to how disorganized my folders are, and how Idk what shit is. I've been spoiled by Skyrim modders because they all include text files and pictures of their mod for those who save their files to their drives for later use, so you know what the mod does and what it looks like. Most of the mods I've downloaded for Inquisition only include the file. So now I've taken to saving all related images and shit.

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Sorry for the disappearance. I've been using local wifi for my internet needs, and recently it's been going in and out for unknown reasons. Usually it works fine enough for me to do regular business like checking email, and purchasing things (like vitamins and sht). But recently it's been dropping out for long periods of time (I can't even load google when it's like this).
So I've been doing other things in the meantime, setting aside some time to write and read each day, even if it's just to write down some ideas or read an entire chapter of fic. Also been replaying DAO and DA2 since DAI repels me. Read more... )
I'm probably going to be out most of this week due to internet blackout, so if I don't reply immediately, it's because of that.
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I mentioned this to VL before but thought I should make a post about it since there was some stuff I left out and wanted to address. So here we go.

1) There's this guy named Farris who you can buy trading agreements from that's near the Skyhold Stables. The trading agreements he sells grant influence, power points and per points. All of which is dependent on how cheap/expensive the agreement is. You'll get 1 power point and some influence from a cheap agreement, whereas the really expensive ones will give you much more plus perk points. I think buying them all gives you over 150 PP. Which is more than you need to complete the main quests.

Initially I thought this was someone who came to Skyhold after X amount of time, but you actually acquire him from a wartable mission called Power for a Price. The mission only shows up after you come to Skyhold. And I think it's on the Ferelden map to the left. 
2) Use CheatEngine to get infinite gold and materials. LadyInsanity created a tutorial on how to use it with DAI:
3) This isn't necessary but someone uploaded cheatengine scripts for schematics:
So if you don't want to go farming, you can just get all the schematics using cheatengine.

I haven't tried it out yet, but I plan on it once I update to the latest patch (though I'm not sure how long I'll play as I want to continue focusing on my writing).


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