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After I got back from the laundromat yesterday I decided to have a day to myself where I basically just sit around and do fuck all. Decided to boot up Inquisition so at the very least I could tweak Kianna's design like I said I would.

In the middle of wandering around at Skyhold I walked in on Cullen and Commander Helaine having a conversation. Went something like this:

Cullen: So you were with...?
Helaine: Yes.
Cullen: Of course.

Conversation was too brief for me to record in time, but it sounded as though Cullen was getting confirmation for something he already inclined to believe.

I'm wondering if this conversation occurs outside of learning the mage specialization, or because of it, because this is the first time I've encountered it, and Kianna has already learned the Knight Enchanter specialization. So the conversation may be the result of that, and the person Cullen vaguely mentions in the conversation could be the Inquisitor (which I'm down for because of the way he says "of course" ohohohoho).

But if not, then who the hell is he talking about? Meredith? Vivienne? Someone else?
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 Back in December I attempted to redesign/recreate my Surana in the DAI CC. I think I eventually accomplished this (somewhat) a month later. So now witness the fruits of my labor:

Long photopost ahead... )
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Decided to make another several attempts at duplicating one of my Wardens. For reference, this is what she looks like in DAO:

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In any case, I feel I'm getting closer to what I have in mind though a lot of experimenting/learning about how other options affect other features. 

Also, the reason she doesn't have a scar the last two images is because I updated to the latest patch which apparently removes the scars, and in some cases ages up the character. The latter of which I think has to do with certain complexions as I noticed there were about 3 that were like, woah, extreme. There's also the issue of really shiny hair, which I think is most noticeable on black hair (god it's awful). 

There's a fix for this through the command line here:


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