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A few days ago I called to see if I was registered to vote. Assumed I was since I filled out a form to change my address (which was apart of the whole registering to vote form that was attached to the form to get my drivers permit - something I handed in back in August). Not sure if it was an error on their part or mine, but the guy on the other end told me that I wasn't in the database.

Basically the information they had was from 2011, after I moved to CA. Told me they deleted my info because I was no longer here, so this was done to avoid fraud and shit. 

But because I'm not in the database, he told me that I had to call the court in my county to speak with a judge in order Like, he straight up told me he didn't know what it entails, which was frustrating because on top of trying to press him for info, he doesn't know what the fuck I actually have to do.

This was sometime in the middle of the week last week. Since then I've been meaning to call the court (or someone) to clarify what the hell I actually have to do, but forgot the numbers at home (written on a sheet) and had difficulty finding them on my phone. Eventually when I called the court, none of the options available in the automated bullshit system matched what I was looking for. And today I tried calling the # for voter info, and it was the same god damn thing. Even when I pressed random buttons to get an actual representative I couldn't get through to anyone because the robot keeps telling me "I don't recognize that command :)".

I may try that method with the court again in a bit. But atm what I'm working with is emailing them and hoping they'll reply to me tomorrow morning.


Like, initially I thought I fucked up with the form, but I remember clearly the entire interaction at the DMV because this was before I came to the Ranch. Was with my aunt and uncle. Handed the form to a woman in front of the desk and it was like, yeah we're good you're registered to vote. So either she lost my slip or something else occurred that resulted me not getting into the freaking system.

And since the deadline to register was last month, I'm at a loss as to what the fuck I'm supposed to do to clarify what the fuck I'm supposed to do.

I'm gonna keep working on this on my end, but if anyone has any info or thoughts for me, I'd appreciate the assistance. Because as it stands, there's a possibility I may end up not voting. Which makes me feel uneasy in terms of the outcome of the election. 

In the end, I'm prepared to cut my losses and agonize over who won in the evening when I get home. But I'd rather avoid doing that if I can help it.
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I had a dream once. A dream about a platform that wasn't buggy as fuck and easy to navigate. A platform where I could break down my blogs by subject and not make the mistake of posting to the wrong blog. A platform that made posting easy.

A platform where I could shitpost in peace and for an audience lmao

Friends, I have found that platform and it is imzy (as i'm sure a lot of u already know)

no but i'm seriously so happy

like its everything i hoped and dreamed it would be. took a bit of figuring out, but once that was done i was all set. yaaaaaaaaaaa

but in all seriousness, i was trying to shitpost on tumblr (private blog) but i gave up because tumblr is a buggy piece of shit we must appease the gods and burn it with fire. 
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Since I haven't looked at the file I started writing two weeks ago to post here I'm just gonna restart and give you the basics of what's going on with me atm.

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I don't think I'll ever get used to porn blogs following me on tumblr.


one time

I followed a spam blog

that just posted really appetizing pictures of food


I unfollowed it because it didn't post often enough.
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So i've got this private blog under my old tumblr pseud that i've been using to jot down ideas, ramble, and get used to shitposting on a daily basis. I've only just started making proper use of it.

It's kinda like shouting into the void, but I like the idea of an archive/journal that no one can see where I can post shit like this:

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Okay this has to be the weeniest routine I've ever made. But I decided to revise my original routine, which was much longer and created when I was far more active. Basically this is just to get me into the habit again while getting my blood running:

DB = Dumbbells

I may end up supplementing this with marching in place or jumping jacks to really get my sweat on. But for now it's enough to get my muscles aching and blood pumping.

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For the past 4 days I've been having difficulty with the internal drives on my windows gaming laptop. I assume they're internal drives because they're not the home drive where Windows is stored, they're just extra drives inside the computer that house almost all my games, both Steam and Origin. Clarifying this because I stopped using Windows when I was 15-16 and only this past year was gifted two laptops housing Windows.

In any case, a few days ago these drives disappeared from explorer. Odd. Restarted. Didn't show up. Scanned for hardware changes under device manager. They show up. Okay.

But then the next 2 times I turned my laptop on/off they disappeared. Repeated the same shit. Now they just straight up won't show up on my computer :|. I've looked online for solutions to no avail. Super annoyed this occurred the same day my SD cards showed up. Because those cards were intended TO BACK THOSE GAMES UP WHAT THE FUCK..


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