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 Because ppl are coming out with events galore and I need to keep track of what I want to contribute to.

Polyshipping Day - Monthly event with prompts promoting healthy OT3s.

The Helliversary - Anniversary of one full year of Solavellan Hell. I got confirmation that this is a one day event.

Dragon Age Secret Santa - One day event. Seems I'll have a month to prepare in advance.

Huevember - Monthly art challenge where you focus on using the hue of the day. It doesn't have to be all one tone, the hue just has to be the focal point of the picture. I might do these as shitty warmups prior to working on my main stuff. Perhaps I'll use it as practice to break away from my perfectionism.

Also there's this thing called the DA fic swap that I'm angry I was unable to participate in this round. So what if I've already got a massive work on my plate? I want moar damnit.

Which reminds me. In case u didn't know I'm participating in my vry 1st Dragon Age (Reverse) Big Bang. i know, i groo up so fast. You can actually see the progress I'm making in my WIPs tag on tumblr. I've tried to work on it each day, so I think I'm making good progress. Shading trees in perspective baffles me, but whatevs, eventually I'll settle on something.

General loose plans I may or may not stick to under the cut.

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