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 Noticed a few games I'm really into were on sale and thought I'd give some recs in case people are interested and want to snag some deals.

Resident Evil 4 is on sale at roughly $7. It's the HD remaster. I've gone through the reviews and have found there aren't any issues with the port.

I bought this game back when I was a wee teenager. I read the review in Nintendo Power and the walkthrough for it and was really interested in buying it because everyone thought it was good. The only problem was that I was am still a total chicken shit when it comes to zombies. I can watch films just fine, but having a 3D zombie rush at me and chew on me like a bit of gristle freaks me the hell out. 

I actually had my dad sit in with me as I played b/c I was so scared, but he fell asleep like 10 minutes into the game and I was too stubborn to quit because it was actually really fun even though I was really bad at the controls. I died so many times. It was wonderful and completely terrifying.

This game is the perfect balance of everything. It's FPS, survival, with puzzles in the mix. Resources are scarce so you gotta make every shot count. High stakes are high, you can get really fucked really quick if you're not paying attention or simply run out of bullets. Or fail to shake off the Zombie that's strangling you (this is a death I repeated throughout the game istg). And Boss battles, for me, were genuinely terrifying because they were legit super difficult. You end up fighting ogre zombies and idk some sort of fish zombie. Kraken zombie. Totally freaked me out. 

I'm not sure about the story quality since I haven't played in several years, but from what I can recall, it was pretty good. When you think there's a solution, something else goes wrong. The progression kinda plays out like a movie, in a way. Can't really explain it.

I think the only glaring flaw is the representation of women. The story revolves around rescuing the President's daughter, who's rather useless at defending herself and getting down from high areas. But IIRC you do get to control her at one point during the game, which requires a lot of sneaking and cunning to defeat the zombies (god that was nerve-racking too).

Also at the end of the game you can unlock a bonus mission where you can play as Ada Wong, though I never completed it because I was burnt out from all the scary shit in the game. 

Another game I'd recommend is Alice: Madness Returns which is on sale at $5. I'm kinda hesitant to recommend this due to the mixed reviews I've read online, so I'm gonna split this into a pros/cons list so ppl can decide if it's worth the purchase.

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