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 i kind of want a shirt with an illuminati symbol with #FAKENEWS underneath it just cause
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i was literally not expecting a buzz lightyear cameo in fallout 4 who wrote this game 
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 I literally just got an email from hot topic saying Halloween is here it's officIAL
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Why isn't there a hat in the Undertale store that says "You are filled with determination" in the game font + pixel heart ??????????????????????

Sure I can find fuckloads of knockoff/unofficial shirts with the phrase, but god forbid you put it on a hat.

I actually need this for personal reasons. Reasons being I need to remind myself that I am FILLED WITH DETERMINATION holy fuck
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 I sorta feel that xfiles fic must be loaded with weird kink and other shenanigans but I'm hesitant to browse for fear of crippling disappointment. 

Like im pretty sure Mulder made out with a furry in one episode. P sure that's canon. And Scully watched u guise Scully watched. 


Jun. 4th, 2017 05:35 pm
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I almost certainly would've loved DAI had it featured a pool orgy at some point. 
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Gaston fiddling with his knife while talking to lefou about how upset he is that belle turned him down ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

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the folks around me r acting weird about men wearing rompers meanwhile I'm over here thinking about how nice Luke Evans would look in a romper 

or dwayne the rock Johnson 

Or mike colter

thinking about my fictional favs wearing rompers. And not the manly man kind. I'm talking about the ones with the long sleeves with sheer fabric that r flouncy and have tassels and have floral patterns on them (do I even need to say who lmao byeeeee).

but seriously people r so fucking boring with this shit. "Ew men wearing rompers is wronG".  Ur face is wrong n u have no fashion sense billy get the fuck outta here. 
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Me: Okay gotta get work done need to focus.

~2 minutes later~

ADHD Brain: Why does the traditional image of a ghost lack a nose? What, you're dead, so no point in smelling things anymore? Not even smelly spirit things? Or maybe ghosts are the rejects of heaven and hell who wanted to leave their noses behind, or left them somewhere, and that was the thing you needed to get in. They just turn folks away due to a lack of a nose and they're like, "WHO CARES ANYWAY I'M GONNA GO HAUNT SOME STUFF." 

~Later That Day~

Me: Holy fuck if I just focus I'll be done early today.

~2 minutes later~

ADHD Brain: Okay, I'm not saying goats will eat human flesh - you know that from that google search that they're herbivores (don't lie it wasn't me that googled this). All I want to know is if they would sample some during an apocalypse or something. You know, when all the plants and veggies die out and all that's left is carrion, would a goat actually eat a person? And would it get to that point where they started attacking people? 
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When the first pokemon movie came out there was this song at the end i really liked called Don't Say You Love Me.

Like....i think of it every now and then wondering why that song was included because it straight up doesn't match the theme of the movie.

No seriously. When my mom bought the movie (VHS tape) it came with a cassette of the soundtrack and that song was on one side of it. 

And now that I'm looking at the music video again I'm still ????

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 Why the fuck would anyone compare belle/Adam to reylo in any context ever in human history I sweer 2 goD

go sit in a corner for a millennia and think of what you've done 

i fucking hate tumblr
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i need something kawaii to hide my inner turmoil whaddaya have 
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 "Gaston and LeFou bromance"

you come into MY HOUSE
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"But why does Adam get a redemption arc and Gaston doesn't?"

Oh for the love of- it's called "Beauty and the Beast" not "Beauty and the Brainless Asshole" holy fuck
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*writes 1,300 words of detailed analysis in response to Gaston stanning*

What I Really Want To Say: Your opinion is wrong and the fact that you acknowledge in brief glances what a shitty person Gaston is makes me want to give you the middle finger into infinity for normalizing everything he says and does. Fuck you.
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I think of fuckin Olaf from Frozen.

Fun fact about me: I hate Olaf from Frozen.

No I really, really, really hate Olaf because he seems like the byproduct of marketing research on steroids.

"I'm Olaf and I love hugs uwu."

"I want to prance around in the sun because I'm a cute naive little snowman who has Big Dreams I Can't Possibly Fulfill Without Dying :3c"

Fuck, someone burn it with fire.

I am so glad that whatever easter egg Josh Gad wanted in BATB relating to Olaf never made it into the film. No offense to Josh Gad himself. I'm actually sorry for not liking him because I like Josh Gad n think he's cute but I hate Olaf. Sorry, Josh, Olaf can suck it. If Olaf existed I'd punt him into the sun. I would set a fire under his little snowman ass. I hate Olaf i sware to gOD.
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 Honestly that scene where Belle is trying to talk to someone about something she likes is too real b/c whenever I'm trying to talk about my favorite ship the person is like "OH THAT'S NICE - MARIE, THE BAGUETTES, HURRY UP!"
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Post on Beauty and the Beast 2017 is forthcoming. I'm just...

Luke Evans. Yo. Cheekbones for days, bruh.

And his singing voice..... *lies down*

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 *Looking at playlist for Kianna*

lmao this list is equal parts Icon For Hire, Marina and The Diamonds, and VersaEmerge wtf

*works on Kianna/Cullen playlist*

why don't i have any icons for this ship wtf

*looks at screencaps folder*

*finds the DAI smoochy pics*

my h e a r t


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