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When I first saw TTG I was happy Teen Titans was back, but was sad that they changed the entire tone and look of the show to something less serious and geared towards a more younger audience. Liked the first few episodes, but ended up tuning out because I figure if you're gonna bring back TT you might as well FINISH WHAT YOU FUCKING STARTED CARTOON NETWORK.

Liek??? So many plot points????? That were never wrapped up?????? For this shit???????????

Though thing that annoys me about CN is that they've cancelled a lot of shows under the guise of putting them on "hiatus". Like Batman Beyond is still technically on hiatus even though the last episode decade aired more than a decade ago. w h y.

Some episodes of TTG are alright. I like it when they get a bit absurd and Robin like, u wanna like, smack robin, for being himself. 

But then they get into episodes that border on the tone of Ren and Stimpy. 

Like today I saw an episode where Beast Boy and Cyborg's stomaches become sentient and go rogue, eating everything in sight.

Then this happened in another episode:

The last episode I saw started off with a "Don't watch too much TV kids!" and ended up turning into a subliminal (is it still subliminal if they're just saying it outright?) encouragement to watch more TV. At which point, I became all too aware of the giant one-eyed tit staring back at me and decided, lmao nevermind I'm gonna go out and do something with my life.

*gets on laptop instead*

my favoritest joke on TTG is everyone telling Robin he's short with him slamming them down like NO I'M THE AVERAGE HEIGHT FOR A YOUNG MAN MY AGE.

i like robin/starfire but i need robin paired up with someone who will make fun of him for that until the end of time.
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 Am in desperate need of an update but this is far too important to forget. Like it's important enough to struggle with mobile rn.

What if destiny is real and instead of Marty thinking hell disappear when his parents don't get together, they actually do for like a one night stand and Marty wakes up to a parallel universe where his father is a clown who wants him to go to clown school. Marty knows the guy can't be his biological father but everyone rolls w it bc his mom never told clowndad. 

But marty sees his real father in highschool as his earth science teacher and Marty is bad at earthscience.

but it would be like that Simpsons Halloween special where homer sits on a bug in the past and ends up fucking up the future. So like, Marty goes back and tries to fix things w his parents but just ends up with something weirder than before. Like instead of clowndad Doc ends up as his step dad. Its weird bc doc is unusually strict and matter of fact about parenty things and the puberty Marty is going thru and oh he can hear doc and his mom having sex thru the walls bc they're just so loud abt it.

doc would naturally be a Chem teacher in clowndad AU where he helps Marty w earth science.

if it wasn't clear I'm talking about Back To The Future which I haven't seen in several years LOL. So if I'm getting names/details wrong it's bc I'm riffing on shit I havent seen in a while.

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and it's like being propelled into that South Park episode about freemium games.

like you receive accolades for doing something as simple as getting your Sim to use the toilet, its ridiculous.

You get experience and money for getting your Sim to wash their hands.

I can't keep a straight face I just keep imagining a South Park Canadian congratulating me.

"Ay you earned money, guy. Horray for you, you're a winner!"

"Hey, you're really good at this game, fwend!" 

Even the music is chipper what the hell is this.
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what a time to be alive
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it would be episode 10

tho i think watching the 9 episodes prior is worth it if you want the context as to why this episode is hilarious

if anything made this show worth watching, it was that episode

which is a relief because i was actually starting to regret it after the first 5 episodes

but i'm so thirsty for romance anime that i end up lowering my standards by a significant margin

and the premise was interesting enough that i thought they could do something with it

no it went in a direction i disagreed with

and reminded me of the dark side mind control techniques (i.e. emotionally abusive shit that makes someone dependent on u, no thanks)


episode 10 was worth the trouble

no regrats

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This is cool. But it also reminds me of last season of Bojack Horseman where they replaced Bojack with a CGI version of himself.

Tho here they're only using Johnny Depp to attract an audience.


Not sure if Johnny Depp has gained weight or if the enlarged CGI eyes somehow made his face look smaller by comparison.

Or if Johnny's just getting old. 

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 the only bad thing about One Punch Man is that it's only 12 episodes long

it's the kind of anime that deserves 20-25 episodes + 1-2 more seasons

it does have a movie tho. so silver lining.

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but i know it was the right decision to make it.

I was seriously laughing about this off and on yesterday because its just so pristine and look at his lil face.

This is from Last Week Tonight which I've been bingewatching in my spare time. I think it was one of the episodes that talked about New Zealand's new flag designs. Yeah here it is:

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but boy, i really loved the Alice/Hatter fic.

because it was weird

it was weird

but it was good

johnny depps hatter is a gift unto the world

thank u burton for baiting that ship

actually burton didn't write the script i think it was some woman

whatever thank u whoever is responsible for it.

I sorta want to see Through The Looking Glass to see if that relationship goes anywhere. Or like, if the storytelling has gotten better since the original. But Idk it releases at the end of the month.

Maybe I'll ask BFF if we can see it if it's still airing when I make it to NY.
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the dancing one is my fav

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Sometime at the end of last year I came across an article that talked about Spockmania. Like, apparently Spock was really popular with female fans, something Nimoy didn't expect since Shatner kept jacking his lines to the point where every character on the show were just props to make Kirk shine.

Yeah, here it is.

Ah's less funny if you read the entire article >__>.

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every now and then i get a few notifications on DA that i've been given llama badges by a few generous users. Didn't know what they were until I looked up what the they were supposed to do. TL;DR is that it's this pointless virtual thing where if you get enough ppl involved your badge upgrades to something else. like a llama with a hat or some shit.

early on though i noticed that it seemed artists were using this system as a way to pull in an audience. which i guess is fine, but how well does this system actually work exactly?

like i suppose if you set up a standard of sending out 10 badges to 10 ppl you might be able to generate interest. But I'm among the ppl who just won't follow you purely on the basis that i don't like being sucked in via virtual worthless currency.

but then i look at it and start wondering if this is a standard for drawing in an audience and if I should participate in order to get pageviews or some shit.

also...what happened to deviantart? I remember being able to find really good art on the front page via narrowing down my search to the "digital art" section when I was in high school (which was, I guess, when i was between the ages of 16 and 18). For the past few days I've been getting a weird mishmash of shit. Like, far from me to kinkshame these ppl, but I don't want to see engorged tits and preggo morphs.

I remember this stuff was present way back when, but it wasn't on every single page. And I could find tons of art I liked. Did all those artists leave or is there work being crowded out by other stuff?

I also remember when Daily Deviations were featured based on a paragraph of stuff saying why this art deserved to be featured. Now stuff is featured without any commentary.

I know they stopped doing this several years back, I just look at some pieces and wonder why they were featured, and that it would've been nice to read the reason why someone thought to suggest/feature them :/.

Wonder if I can find some of the artists I liked through my files on my hard drive....
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I've been going through my screencaps for icon purposes and I keep laughing at this screencap from Mass Effect

shep looks right into camera, 100% done.


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